About Me

Aleyda-11Aleyda Martinez Novotny, LCSW

I once heard a priest say, “Everyone’s a prayer.” In the moment I heard this, my heart felt the piercing of a great truth.

I am a prayer. I’m an answered prayer. I know my parents prayed for me to come, prayed for me to grow into a healthy child and taught me how to pray. And that is what I do today. I pray.

I do many things and I am many things to many people. But what I know my life purpose to be is to pray. My professional background is Social Work. In essence, I’m a professional advocate. It’s what I’ve been trained to do. On my spiritual path, I’ve become a Spirit Worker. I’m an advocate for the Divine, praying for healing, for peace, compassion, and the sweetest joys. Whoever visits this site, let it be known, that I’m praying for your healing. I’m praying for your deepest desires to come true.

What else do you want to know about me? I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a mother to many; a woman.

I am a human spirit.

My interests are many, starting with my preference for exquisite food, art, books, travel, laughter, dancing, entertaining, fashion, beauty, humanity, my family and my dog…

…and what permeates all of this is my belief in God and All is good.

The people who know me best think I’m quacky, always provoking deep, emotional conversations, exploring the possibility of a better way of living, to the point where they roll their eyes and say, “Lighten up!” I thank them, because I do need to lighten up! They think I’m eclectic or eccentric, never knowing what will come next from me. I love fashionable clothes–gorgeous and sexy heels, a jean jacket, a tye-dye scarf, hippie-ish jewelry and a Hindu goddess or rosary or prayer card in my pseudo Prada bag.

I’m a Miami native living in New York City, where I have my own private practice as a psychotherapist.

I’ve learned to love and thrive living the life I did not plan.

And oh yeah, by the way…one more minor detail: I’m also a Cancer Survivor.


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