Do Not Lie

“People who lie, do not heal.” Carolyn Myss
This has been a fundamental lesson I have come to learn. One of the key elements of healing is truth and authenticity.
We are only as sick as your secretes…
The biggest challenge we have as human beings is to open up and reveal to ourselves and eventually others whom we really are. Cancer forced me to get real and to look at all of me and my family’s truths. It has taken me years but I can no longer follow the unspoken truth of hide, stay silent or pretend.
Working with a therapist, mentors, through writing and guides I have little by slowly uncovered and revealed all the beliefs of shame, disconnect, suffering and fears. I had to take the courage to unearth core erroneous beliefs such as “I am not enough.” And explore the weight of this limitation. How it shows up in my life, how it is expressed through my relationships and more importantly in my Body.
I used to Lie and tell myself  “I am not enough.” With this lens I experienced life and nothing was enough, nothing genuinely fulfilled me, there was chronic subtle emptiness that drove me and controlled me.  I had an insatiable drive to please, protect and provide and yet it was not enough.  I believe this Not Enoughness led me to not enough health, vitality and life.
However, cancer was the alarming wake up call to let go, let go and let go.  I was confused and hurt why if I am such a good girl I have a terminal illness.  And as the journey began it was revealed to me that my good girl act was just an act that deep inside I was a good girl because I did not feel I was enough.
The truth:  I am neither good nor bad, I am human and having the gift of life with all its ups and downs, joys and tragedies I am and have always been enough.  I am enough, I do enough and I have enough.
I am not uniquely wounded, everyone has wounds, let downs, heart aches and joys.
Today I invite you live with Enoughness, we all are Enough.  If we are alive we are ENOUGH!


One thought on “Do Not Lie

  1. I am enough and I have enough for today. Thank your for the reminder Aleyda. How is it, that this is so easy to forget. Your writing wrangled me back.

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