Cancer: 8 Years Later


Hi how are you my old friend?
Don’t ever think I have forgotten you.   It may seem to you like I don’t remember…I hardly talk about you but you are still there in the depth of my heart and in the darkness of my fears you are still there you are a part of me.  You always have been and always will.  You were the greatest teacher in my 30’s.
May I enlighten you with some of your teachings…because of you I found out:
I am stronger than I ever give myself credit.
This too shall pass…is ever so true.
The fear in our minds is greater than the actual threat.
Don’t give up before the miracle.
Disease is not the problem it is our reaction to disease that can be the problem.
Practice silence.
Patience is hard to obtain…it takes practice.
We are all divine beings disguised as humans.
Acceptance to what is, is key to our healing.
It wasn’t till I accepted you and nurtured you as an internal whole part of me that your grip on my life loosened up.
I was able to take the focus off of you because LIFE was way more interesting to live and in doing so your grandness was reduced to an issue and issues are like tissues when you take one out another one pops up.
And on a random Tuesday with no rhyme or reason much less an expectation I was informed “your cancer free.”

If you have cancer please make it your friend talk to it embrace it…after all they are your cells.



11 thoughts on “Cancer: 8 Years Later

  1. Your writings have lifted me up on a daily basis for the last year. I am so grateful for your heartfelt sharing and love.

  2. I have stage 4 stomach cancer. Your story gives me hope. I do pray everyday and leaving it in God’s hands. But I’m not ready to leave this world yet, I have 3 precious children to raise.

    • Miracles happen! If you like yo tell me your story I would love to hear it. I get it. You and your precious children are in my prayers. Big soulful hug

      • Hi Aleyda. I was diagnosed with a aggressive stomach cancer on November 2nd, 2016. I was missed diagnosed for 6 months. Doctors keep on telling me it’s just a heartburn, gas, and a possible ulcer. Luckily, I decided to take my iud out. They screened me for cervical cancer and rest result came back abnormal. So they decided to do further testing and found cancerous cells in my cervix. I was scheduled for a cat scan and an endoscopy. Doctor found a cancerous tumor in my stomach and had spread to my cervix. Been going through chemo for about 4 months now. I’m on new drugs because the cancer became resistance to the chemo medications. Crossing my fingers and praying every day! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

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