From Fear to Fierce Faith

437418934_18e4aaeb76When I was diagnosed with Cancer I felt like I WOKE UP!

My Faith Woke Up and it is now intense and unshakable.
The tendency to be in fear and doubt has disappeared.

The chronic condition of doubt and “What if” could no longer be a part of my thoughts and feelings.  My survival instinct directed me to Faith.  Faith that I am OK and will be OK.

As my Fierce Faith grew, the fear lessened and when my mind went to the dark side, the presence of Faith somehow allowed me to understand that darkness (death) is not a bad place. It is just another dimension–the next phase–and it is not a bad place.  Fierce Faith forced me to ask myself where was I before I came to this life and to this body.  How do I know that where I was before looked at this present phase as the “dark side”?

Who knows…
But with Faith these thought and realities made my existence with Cancer manageable.  And to this day, Fierce Faith is what keeps me centered and accepting my fate and optimistic of the destiny I am presently Manifesting.


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