Detox Your Mind, Body and Life

autumn-dawnBy detoxing on all levels you are now helping your immune system.  Your immune system is on overload right now and has been for while.  By detoxing you are contributing to your healing process. It is a way of you taking charge of Healing.  Let the doctors handle the medicine you can Detox your MIND, BODY and LIFE.  
Detox your Mind. You must question your MIND. And really ask yourself, “How do I know if what I am thinking is true”?

How do I know if what I am told is true?
What is true? If it is true, according to who?

You must detox from all the limiting, fear-based, guilt-based and shame-based thinking.  All toxic thoughts need to be questioned.  All mental limitation needs to be questioned and released.

Your mind is susceptible to suggestion, so you must be vigilant and witness your mind.  Make sure that your mind is not wondering or focusing on limitation.  The mind can no longer get carried away and take you hostage.

You must DETOX from the ADDICTIONS of your mind.

By questioning your thoughts you are taking control of your MIND.  The mind is addicted to fear, limitation, inhibition and suffering.  
But now that you have Cancer, you must realize that you have hit bottom.

And the truth is: you, nor the doctors, nor the statistics, nor the diagnosis knows what is going to happen.  THE ONLY TRUTH is that ALL is POSSIBLE. ALL is POSSIBLE and MIRACLES Happen.  You can not engage in limiting thinking.


Change your diet.  Eliminate junk food and soft drinks.  Eat lots of greens. Juice greens and berries.  Reduce animal by-products. All junk food is bad for you and probably carcinogenic.  Eat organic, or at best, fresh vegetables. Detox from the unhealthy eating habits.


Ask, “What/ who is in my life that gets in the way of my joy and connection with the Divine?”  And whatever the answer is, make sure you start withdrawing from that relationship/pattern.  
Healing is about change and transformation. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us. Part of the healing process requires us to detox from unhealthy relationships, dynamics, patterns, beliefs, situations and circumstances in our lives.

Love you and honor you,


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