Acceptance will come…

As theImage panic subsided and reality settled in I found myself in the mysterious place of acceptance.  I now know that I did not do it.  I couldn’t have; it was a force beyond my comprehension…as was the Cancer.

Yet, somehow I surrendered.  I believe I surrendered the moment I was diagnosed, but as time passed and the further I was from the internet, serenity stepped in, inner peace.  I bowed down to the inevitable, I surrendered to the cancer and to LIFE!

And as I experienced this process I found myself in direct contact with the Divine, my angels, my body, my higher self.  My fears were less and my faith was unshakable.  I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be for me but I had a deep faith that I was going to be just fine.

I learned to pray to be healed on all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit…It was no longer about the cancer.  Today I continue to pray for my healing.  Healing and striving to love all the corners of my being.  And I can honestly say, “cancer who?”


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