The story of Maribel: the woman who gave me hope after my heartbreaking cancer diagnosis

Art Journal-Friendship 029Maribel is a colleague of mine whom I shared office space with in Miami. I rarely had time to talk to her but I did take in her bigger than life energy every time we crossed paths. She is always rushing between, offices, airports, seminars, family and life. She is a beautiful woman–young, chic, fit, and gorgeous with black eyes and full hair. Her walk is a stride of a stallion with her voluptuous curves. She is one of those sexy women who doesn’t try to be sexy. She laughs out loud and her smile is bright. She exudes positivity.

She walked into my office and looked me in the eyes and said, “welcome to the club. I heard you have cancer and Aleyda,” she said with her sweet yet commanding voice, “you are fine, you are going to be fine. I am a cancer survivor. Look at me–I am ok.”

She continued, “Tell me what has happened to you.”

I hugged Maribel and cried in her arms. I told her my story of how I had cancer and was going to die young.

Maribel spent 2-3 hours telling me that I was going to be just fine. She shared with me her story. She started off with telling me that her father died when she was young from cancer and that cancer held an emotional impact on her.

“Mi hija, I have traveled the world trying to heal myself,” she said. At the time when she was diagnosed, chemo was not the route she wanted to take, so she traveled to Germany, Switzerland, France and Mexico.

“In all of the holistic centers in which I was looking for a cure, I learned many things about healing and my spiritual journey. About my life purpose and about letting go. The good thing about all these places I traveled to searching for my miracle is that I can now share it with you and save you the time and money,” she explained.

And then Maribel said something that scared me: “You need to change, Aleyda. You are on a path that is different than others. You may die young and you need to realize that healing does not mean cured.”

When she shared this with me my heart sunk. She recognized the fear and said, “I know it is scary to hear it but no one escapes death.” So, prepare yourself to meet with the Divine. Be open to traveling back to your divine home.”

All of this was too much for me to hear, but it was information I have since learned to process and accept. Everyone must be ready to meet the divine–it wasn’t just about me.

Maribel added, “Aleyda, Cancer is a business and there is money to be made off of you.” With a soft smile she affirmed, “you need to research and go within yourself to determine what is right for you. I believe that cancer can be cured but it is a money-making business and research is open to maintaining the machine…not eradicating it.”

I opened my eyes wide trying to make sense of all this information being poured on me.

“The part of you that needs to change is your mind,” she said. “You cannot be afraid of cancer and know that what medical doctors are telling you is all wrong. Do not accept their limitations of gloom and doom. If they are not responsive to your needs you walk out and keep looking. Aleyda, you can not allow doctors to tell you what to do. You will tell them what you need them to do for you. You are the customer. The first miracle is that you have resources to cover the expenses of this blood sucking disease. This is a disease of resources and the ones that get a chance at a cure typically have the resources and the courage to advocate.”

Maribel continued, “Statistics are only numbers with a sector of the population that does not represent you. When you are told statistically you have 10 percent chance of survival- do they know that you are a divine child of god, resilient, healthy, wealthy, family, love, in love and a miracle worker? NO, they don’t know that.

Statistics are not for you.

There is an intelligent doctor that resides within you. You have an internal healer. You may not have realized this before, but you can start healing your body right here and right now. Wake up your immune system. There is energetic blockage within you that has overwhelmed your immune system, hence the cancer. These blockages I believe are emotional. You need to uncover what these blockages are.

Change your diet. You need to eat a clean diet. Lots of greens, juice and no sugar or meat. Work with a nutritionist and a healer. Go for healing. Talk to the Angels. Believe that there are angels always guiding you. You need to meditate and believe. Aleyda, believe in miracles. What doctors can’t do, God can. I learned so much on a spiritual level. And that is why my soul chose that route. Eight years after my initial diagnosis, I realize I no other choice but to resort to chemo and ultimately surgery. And you know what? I am okay now. I survived my worst nightmare. I am so grateful.”

I used Maribel’s story as an example –a reason to hold onto hope that I, too, would survive.


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