Cancer Stage IV and Cured

I made a promise to God or to myself, not sure which one of us, long ago to make a difference regarding Cancer.  I didn’t know what I was talking about at the time.  All I knew was that I was fighting for my life and in a righteous way made statements that I was going to be cured of Cancer; that Stage IV Breast Cancer did not apply to me and that I was going to walk away with a message: “If there is a will, there is a cure.” I said this with determination and bravado.

Boy, have I been humbled. I think the Divine must have looked upon me with compassion and dismay.  Probably wondering what the hell was I talking about.  I really believed that I had the answer to cancer.  I was wrong!

Since then, I have lost dear friends to cancer. Some of these friends were way more healthier and conscious than I.  They heard my rhetoric and followed my get cured from cancer program…and still their fate was to transcend.  I was not ready to lose them. These great losses humbled me and increased my Gratitude for the Life that I have been gifted. The Gratitude of Life is what I now seek to share and grow.

Cancer was part of my fate and maybe yours. I don’t know why I got cured and I don’t know how or what did it. All I know is that I am in deep gratitude. And I pray that you will be, too.

Here on this website, I am hoping to fulfill my promise to the Divine regarding Cancer. I hope to share my story with you, my experience. I pray you will gain hope, strength and support.

This is a forum of gratitude and miracles.  I know that when I was diagnosed I searched for hope.  I wanted to know that there were people out there that were in similar situations as me and had been cured.  I found none.

The journey of Cancer is very scary and unique.  No one has the same experience or outcome.  I hope to share my love with you.  Miracles happen. A miracle happened for me. Why not for YOU?