TIPS: 10 things to do after a cancer diagnosis


Photo credit: 100repchallenge

Become present in this moment.

The past is irrelevant. The future is unknown. All we have is this very moment. Breathe. Be present. Don’t go anywhere else.

You’re going to be okay.

1. Know that despite what others may have told you, YOU are TREATABLE: This was one of the most powerful statements I heard.  Cancer has become a treatable disease and no longer a sure death sentence.

2. Stay calm: You do not have to run into an emergency room. You are most likely not going to die tonight.  You have options.

3. Don’t be reactive:  Pause and breathe.  Breathe and Breathe.  Call doctors and get a couple of opinions.  Get as much information on treatment options as possible.

4. Change your diet: Look into juicing and a cancer fighting diet.  Reduce or eliminate meat, coffee, alcohol, sugar, highly processed foods.

5. Be good to yourself: Rest and relax as much as you can exercise a gentle practice such as yoga or tai chi.

6. Don’t think you need to start giving your stuff away: I know that the knee jerk reaction to start departing from your stuff and feel like death is at your door step but you have time.  Hey, you may even survive.  You don’t have to tend to those matters tonight.

7. Therapy: Start a therapeutic process right away.  You need to get as much emotional and psychological support as you can.  Being diagnosed with a disease is traumatic and too much to bear alone. Get the help and support.  This is a very loving act to do for yourself.

8. Pray: Get on your knees and pray to the Divine for guidance and light. Connecting to the Divine is a way to never feel alone, and believe me– you will be awakened to a magical, spiritual and safe realm.  You will start witnessing little miracles.

9. NO Internet for YOU:  No medical sites or depressive blogs or forums. Negative or statistic based sites will HURT you.  It is the most toxic act you can do.  You will not get healthy by looking and dwelling on negative messages.

10. Assign a researcher: Have a trusted person do your medical research regarding treatment, side effects, options, etc.  Make a clear pact with this person to give you positive, informative delivery.


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