Beautify Your Mind: affirmations for those diagnosed with cancer

I was 33 years old in great health, running 1-2 miles a day, doing yoga and receiving acupuncture on a regular basis. I consumed a healthy diet, didn’t smoke and only drank alcohol socially. I have no family history of breast cancer and I was under the care of medical doctors due to a desire to get pregnant. I am not your typical woman likely to get breast cancer. But guess what? I did. I was initially misdiagnosed. A complicated process and my persistence or curiosity to find out what the mass in my breast was led me to an answer I was not prepared to hear: STAGE IV BREAST CANCER.

The cancer had spread to my liver and I had significant sized tumors. The prognosis was poor and the initial physician did not give me much hope. Her message was one of defeat. My only question to her while she was rattling off treatment options was “How Can I Reverse This?”. Her answer was, “YOU CAN’T.” I mentally shut down and went within my deepest knowing and screamed within myself, “YES I CAN.”

The next year of my life revolved around changing my life through diet, emotions, alternative healing, exercise and of course chemotherapy and walking around bald. My fear grew when I surfed the internet and read blogs of statistics regarding cases similar to mine. All I read was the likelihood of reoccurrence and being terminal. After doing this a few times I had come up with a system to keep myself positive and motivated. I had to figure out a way to strengthen my faith, my thoughts, and my emotional state. I created messages that brought peace and faith to my soul. These messages helped me stay focused on my goal to become disease-free.

I am now disease-free and want to share my message with cancer patients who are in a similar predicament as I was. These messages can be used on a regular basis during treatment and after.

The following slideshow is a tool to keep our spirits high and our minds focused. I believe it was this work that has helped me with my healing process. I believe the power of mind, spirit and soul are true to healing. Medications can work up to a certain point, but the mind needs to change so that you can change. If you change your mind, you can change your body.

My biggest desire is to spread the message of Healing and Possibility to women and men with cancer.

Blessings to you on your JOURNEY!



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