I get it.

I know what it’s like; I, too, had cancer. I know how it feels. When I was first diagnosed, I was determined to heal and be CURED. Any other outcome was not acceptable to me. After a year of Chemo and many fears of resistance to the medication, I was finally declared NED: No Evidence of Disease. I felt that I had the solution to concurring cancer and I was going to become a motivational speaker; a revolutionary advocate to let the world know that I was Cured.

YOU can be Cured, too.

I was soon humbled and quieted when a year after my recovery, I lost a dear friend and the following year I lost another friend — both to cancer. And every time I returned to the clinic for follow up check-ups, I learned of other friends who were gone, too.

So what can I say today? I am a miracle!

I was granted a miracle and you may be granted one as well. Never lose hope. The impossible is possible.

Pray to God, accept life as life is and bathe yourself in gratitude for this very diagnosis, this very moment.

It has been with time and discernment that I have been able to embrace and recognize the magnitude of the miracle that I was granted. The understanding that my healing had nothing to do with what I did and did not do. I learned that the only explanation as to why I am alive 5 years later after having had Stage IV Breast Cancer (with significant tumors in my liver and a very aggressive cancer) is because I was granted the miracle to be on this earth a little while longer. My mission and purpose in this lifetime is not finished. I know one day I will pass, as all of us will, and I am learning to be okay with that inevitable truth.

I will share with you my thoughts, the teachings I have received, and my discernment about my healing. These ideas may not be the most conventional, but they are simply ideas, and the one thing I have learned is that ideas, perspectives and situations change. We all change.

Everything changes — so do you. May the biggest change you receive be one of healing, serenity, abundance and joy.